The benefits of a cassette roller blind

At Smartblinds, when configuring your made-to-measure roller blind, you can choose to add a cassette. But what is this cassette for, and does it have a purpose? We will gladly explain it to you!

The benefits of a cassette roller blind

A cassette has its advantages. Here are some of the advantages!

A smart roller blind with a cassette has just that extra bit of luxury and class that your blind needs. The Smartblinds cassette is made of aluminium and is available in matching colours to your blind. This way, your window decoration radiates unity and luxury.

Protection & Sustainability
By adding a cassette to your blind, you give it a longer life. Cassettes protect the fabric of your blind and make it last longer. Sunlight can also hardly affect a roller blind with a cassette. The cassette prevents the sunlight from shining on the roller blind fabric.

Cassette roller blind made to measure
Just like the roller blind itself, the cassettes for the Smartblinds are tailor-made for you! This means that the blind and the cassette will fit seamlessly into or onto your window. Did you make a mistake while measuring your window? Then you can make use of the free Smartblinds measurement insurance!

In addition, with the Smartblinds cassettes you can choose the size of the system. You can choose from a small system and a large system, so that you always get the right size.

Complete blackout with a roller blind cassette
A cassette contributes to the final blackout which is expected when purchasing a blackout blind. When you choose a blackout blind without a cassette you may find that light is still shining through at the top between the window and the blind. By purchasing a cassette for your blind, this problem will be solved.


The extra price charged for a roller blind with a cassette does not always have to be seen as unnecessary spending. A cassette on your blind can also be seen as an investment, to keep your blind good for a longer time and to take better care of it.

So there are many advantages to paying more for a roller blind with a cassette. Please consider carefully if a cassette would be a good choice for your blind when making your purchase. Do you have any questions about the cassette or your blind? Plan a consultation with one of our advisers. They will be pleased to help you put together the perfect roller blind for your window!