Home cinema

A home cinema is a dream for many people! No more trips to the cinema, but a cinema in your own home! When creating a home cinema there are a number of things you need to take into account. Think about choosing the right room, TV, sound system and of course the right window coverings. In this article we give you tips for choosing the right window coverings for your home cinema!

window coverings that fits the type of window

There is window coverings in all shapes and sizes. For each window, there is a suitable window coverings. Also for your home! Do you have very large windows, for instance? Then it's best to choose curtains. Do you have standard-sized windows? Then roller blinds are a good option and we have a wide range of smart roller blinds! We're going to tell you all about this electrical variant of roller blinds. But first we'll tell you about the ideal window coverings for your home cinema! Are you curious? Then read on!

window coverings in a home cinema

Have you ever seen daylight in a cinema? Indeed, neither did we! Have you already chosen a room where you will make your home cinema and are there any windows? Then choose black-out window coverings. It depends on the type of window you have to make a good choice of window coverings. But one thing is certain, the window coverings must be black-out! In addition, it would, of course, be nice to have your window coverings match your interior. Therefore, carefully choose the colour of the window coverings that matches your home cinema. Would you like to go for a minimalist style? Then choose roller blinds! As we just mentioned, our offer of smart blinds is very large. Curious about the possibilities of smart blinds in a home theatre? We will tell you all the ins and outs!

Smart window coverings

Smart window blinds are ideal for your home cinema and we're going to tell you why. Smart blinds can be operated via your smartphone. This means that you can stay on your chair or couch and raise or lower your blinds via your smartphone. So you don't have to feel like getting up, but you can just stay seated! Besides, smart blinds are very smart and can work together with other smart devices. For example, do you have smart lighting in your home theatre? Then let them work together with smart blinds! When the film ends, the lights go on and the blinds go up. How ideal is that? Besides, the blinds are controllable by Siri. Set a voice command and the blinds will do the job automatically. Our range of smart blinds are all controllable in the same way and have all the same features! Do you think that smart blinds are the ideal window coverings for your home cinema? Then request free samples on our website and choose the fabric and colour you want! You will receive the samples within 1-3 working days in your mailbox. We hope to see our window coverings in your home cinema. Don't forget to take a picture and tag us on social media!