Solar honeycomb blinds

Sun shading. In these times when you have to deal with increasingly extreme temperatures, it is no longer an unnecessary luxury. Sun blinds can contribute to a pleasant indoor climate in any season. Smartblinds has different types of indoor sun blinds. One of these are our smart blinds. In this article you can read how to use solar pleated blinds effectively.

What are smart solar honeycomb blinds?

When a honeycomb blind is sunproof, this means the following: Your honeycomb blind blocks the sun's radiation. The degree to which this radiation is blocked is entirely up to you. You have solar honeycomb blinds in different transparencies. You can choose from transparent pleated blinds, translucent pleated blinds or fully blackout pleated blinds. You may want different degrees of shading for each room. For example, in the bedroom you can go for a fully blackout honeycomb blind, while you equip your kitchen windows with translucent honeycomb blinds.

solar reflective honeycomb blinds

Lower energy bills thanks to solar honeycomb blinds

Did you know that you can save a lot on your energy bill with smart solar honeycomb blinds? Surprisingly, window blinds have quite an impact on the insulation of your home. A blackout honeycomb blind can double the insulation value of your window in some cases. That can save you hundreds of euros in winter heating costs and summer air conditioning costs throughout your home on an annual basis. Discover how to save lots of money by using smart window coverings!

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Top Down/Top Down Bottom Up?

Solar honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds are available with 2 different systems:

Top Down

This system works just like a normal roller blind. You can close the smart honeycomb blind from top to bottom. The honeycomb blind is powered by 1 smart wireless motor.

Top Down Bottom Up

Sun protection honeycomb blinds with a Top Down Bottom Up system have 2 smart wireless motors. One at the top and one at the bottom. This gives you the possibility to hang your honeycomb blinds in all kinds of different positions. For example, open only the top, hang it in the middle or use it as a normal honeycomb blind. With a TDBU honeycomb blind, you have many more possibilities to play with the light in your window.

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Made-to-measure solar honeycomb blinds

Good blinds are made to measure. To avoid sunlight still bothering you between gaps on the side of your blinds, have your blinds made to measure. At Smartblinds, this is possible. We make your pleated blinds to measure. Measure your pleated blind using the measuring instructions and we will make sure you can enjoy a pleated blind that fits perfectly.

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Don't fancy the luxurious look and functionality of a solar honeycomb blind, but want a simple design with the same good functionality? Then go for a solar reflective roller blind! Smartblinds also makes these fully made-to-measure.

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