Saving energy & money smartly

with Smartblinds

With today's skyrocketing energy prices, everyone is looking for ways to reduce gas and electricity consumption at home. This is the only way to prevent your energy bills from rising to unprecedented levels when it gets colder and darker outside again. How much energy you use depends heavily on your windows and window coverings. So with Smartblinds, you can save hundreds of euros a year on your energy consumption, making your home more sustainable and giving you more money every month!

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Save hundreds of euros a year

Research shows that with good window coverings in a detached house, you can save up to 270 m3 of gas per year. The average gas consumption of a detached house in the Netherlands is around 1900 cubic metres (source), which means that with the right window decoration, you can save around 14% in energy costs. With today's high gas prices, a detached house can easily save €800 to €1000 per year. Exactly how many euros you can save depends on the type of home you live in, the number of people in the house and the type of window coverings.

Maximum savings with Smartblinds

Most of the heat in your home is lost through your windows. With smart window decoration for your windows, you create an extra layer of insulation, reducing this heat loss. In some cases, window decoration has even more impact than replacing your windows with insulating glass variants. For instance, you improve the insulation value of single-glazing with double honeycomb blinds even close to the insulation level of HR glass.

In addition, you can create warmth in your home by making use of daylight from outside at the right times. Even on cold days, the sun can shine so strongly on your windows that it creates extra warmth in your home. With Smartblinds in your home, you let your window blinds open automatically when the sun shines and close when it gets dark. This way, you make optimal use of daylight and provide an extra layer of insulation in time, saving heating costs!

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