All you need to know about Smartblinds and Thread

Some of you may wonder what system Smartblinds work on. We understand that question and would therefore like to explain to you how Smartblinds work on the Thread system. Because what exactly is Thread? Read on and get to know everything about Smartblinds and Thread.

About Thread

Thread is an energy-efficient wireless radio protocol for the smart home which allows devices to 'communicate' directly with each other. Thread makes sure that not every single device needs a single hub access point. Thread shares the responsibility, so you don't have to deal with other parties' hubs anymore. Thread is ready for the future. The network is being developed by the Thread Group.

What is a Thread network?

Thread is a network based on IPv6, a wireless mesh network. This is especially designed to connect devices in your home directly and reliably with each other and the internet. A big advantage of Thread is that every device gets a unique IP address, so it also works on the internet for Cloud access. Thread is also definitely a safe network. Thread uses the AES encryption that is also used for bank security.

Thread in a smart home

Thread is a network that will be found more and more in smart homes in the near future. More and more smart devices are switching to the Thread network and not without reason! The thread network supports up to 250 smart devices. It also consumes less power because it is a wireless network.

Thread and Smartblinds

Now that you know what Thread is and what it can do in a Smart Home, you probably still have a question. What does Thread do in relation to Smartblinds? The motors of Smartblinds are, among other things, controlled by the system of Thread. Thread makes it possible to control the Smartblinds via your voice using an Apple HomePod Mini, but also to control the Smartblinds from anywhere in the world using your phone. This means that in your smart home you can have multiple devices working together through Thread!

Smartblinds and Matter

At the moment, Smartblinds work with Apple via Thread the 'easiest' way. This is because no bridge is needed if you have an Apple device. For Android devices, you need a bridge to control your Smartblinds. But, this is about to change! There is a new update coming up that will make smart devices work through Matter. Matter is the result of an idea by Apple, Google, Amazon and other well-known brands within the smart home world. Matter ensures that all devices that support Matter can talk to each other. Once Matter is in place, Android users will no longer need a bridge to control Smartblinds! Do you already have Smartblinds at home? If so, we expect an update to make your Smartblinds Matter-proof by the end of this year! We will provide an update about Matter later this year.

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