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Smart devices in the living room

The living room. Perhaps it is the room of your home where you spend the most time. You sit there with family on birthdays and parties, and you completely unwind there after work and on weekends. Maybe you've even secretly dozed off on the sofa in your living room. Living rooms are never the same. Therefore, it is very important for you to style and decorate your living room in the right way. Smart home appliances, of course, should not be left out in the decoration of your smart living room. Smartblinds explains which smart home devices are the best options to add to your smart living room.

smart devices living room

Smart home hub

The living room is the central point in your home. You gather there with your friends, family or just socialise with your partner, family or even alone. Where your living room is the central room in your home, the smart hub is the central point of your smart home. Pretty convenient that this device can also be found in the central room of your home. But which hub suits your smart home best?

In the living room, you have several options for adding a hub. For example, you have a smart hub with display, the Google Nest Hub, or you have smart hubs in the form of a smart speaker such as the Google Nest Mini or the Apple HomePod Mini. These compact smart speakers can also serve as a hub. If you want an overview of your smart home, then opt for Google's Nest Hub. In it, you can view your smart home, set scenes and apply automations. Are you fine with doing this on your smartphone, and would like a compact speaker that does all your commands? Then opt for the voice-controllable Google Nest Mini or the Apple HomePod mini.

smart hub living room


Lighting. It is the mood creator in a room. Whether it is warm light, dimmed light or coloured light. Lighting creates atmosphere in every room. So too in the living room. Nowadays, you have different types of smart lighting, which can display as many as millions of colours and can be controlled via your smartphone and voice. What kind of lighting you add in your smart living room depends on your taste. Will you go for spotlights, screw a smart bulb into your current wall lamp or try something new and go for a smart ceiling lamp? The choice is entirely up to you. In any case, know that smart lighting is incredibly sustainable and energy-saving, as well as easy to use.

smart living room lighting

Smart window coverings

As in the rest of your home, it is indispensable. Window decoration. The living room is a place where you can isolate yourself from the outside world. It's nice not to have the first person peeping through your living room windows. A little privacy is what you want. Smartblinds is essential for privacy. Smartblinds takes window decoration to a new level by equipping our window coverings with a smart motor. This motor sits in the tube of your blind and has a rechargeable battery. So you don't need a power supply. The cool thing about smart window decoration is that it is not only stylish, but also super functional. After all, you can use it to save energy by cleverly managing light and heat, and you can use it to deter burglars! This is because Smartblinds can be operated at any time and from any location. So it always looks like someone is at home. For example, set scenes that trigger your window blinds in the morning, afternoon and evening. A burglar will think there is someone in the house who has moved the blinds, so he will leave your house for a while.

smart living room window blinds

Smart thermostat on living room wall

It does not necessarily have to be present in the living room, but a handy smart home device to at least have in the house is a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is indispensable in a smart home these days. Often, the display of a thermostat is hung in an accessible, central area. So your living room wall is an ideal place for your smart thermostat's display! The handy thing about a smart thermostat is that it learns how to be smart about the temperature in your home by itself. So it is always a pleasant temperature when you are at home, and the thermostat tries to save as much energy as possible at times when you are not at home.

You have been able to read which smart devices are a good addition to your smart living room. Having these devices in your living room will not only make your living room smarter, but also more stylish, atmospheric and functional! Want to know which devices fit best in other rooms in your home? Smartblinds gives you an overview of the best smart home products, sorted by room!

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