Saving energy with smart home

For many households, saving energy is one of the main reasons for purchasing smart home devices. A large part of energy costs is spent on lighting, household appliances and heating. With smart appliances, you can keep your energy costs way down, saving both money and energy!

Smart home

A smart home consists of many smart devices that can work together. Think, for example, of a smart lamp that works together with smart home window blinds. In this way, your lamp is switched off at a certain time in the evening and your window decoration is lowered at the same time. So you never leave your lights on unnecessarily and you can never forget to turn them off. It is done for you! That way, you can save money on your energy consumption at home.

Smart products that lower your energy costs

With energy prices across Europe at an all-time high, consumers are starting to look for other solutions and ways to save energy costs. As smart home appliances can contribute to this, the smart home is becoming increasingly popular in these expensive times. In the long run, smart home appliances will definitely save you money. We have listed a number of smart products that will help you make your home a little more sustainable and economical:

smart window blinds
1. Smart home thermostat

A smart thermostat offers many possibilities. You can control the heating remotely, switch on timers and much more. A smart thermostat can even learn from your behaviour and respond cleverly! Research has shown that a smart thermostat in an average household can save up to 20% in heating energy. That saves you a lot of money on your energy bill these days!

Smart home thermostat
2. Smart home radiator buttons

Besides a smart thermostat, smart radiator knobs are very handy for reducing your energy consumption. By using a smart radiator button, you can regulate the temperature per room very precisely. Not every room needs to be heated in the winter. Instead of heating your whole house, you can choose to heat only your living room and bedroom, for example. The result is immediately visible on your energy bill!

smart radiator knobs
3. Smart home lights

Lamps can also consume a lot of energy in the home. By forgetting to switch a lamp off or simply by leaving lamps on unnecessarily, you are wasting a lot of energy. A smart home lamp has a number of energy-saving functions. You can remotely control your lamps so that you always have control over which lights are on. You can also add your smart lamps to scenes, so that you can no longer forget to switch off your lamps. Another advantage of a smart home lamp is that you can dim the lamp. In the evening you probably don't need the full 100% light of your lamp. Dim your lamps to a percentage of 30 or 40 percent, to save even more energy!

smart lighting
4. Smart home plugs

With the use of smart plugs, you can keep a close eye on energy consumption. Smart plugs allow you to power devices that you don't need to use all the time only at the times you need them. This way, your devices do not consume power all day long, which in turn allows you to save a lot of energy. Smartblinds also sells a smart plug. The Eve Energy ensures sustainability and reduces unnecessary power consumption in the home.

smart plug
5. Smart home window blinds

One option that not many people think of when it comes to saving energy in the home is window coverings. Smart window blinds is still a good solution for reducing your energy costs. Just like with your lamps and plugs, you can set timers for your window blinds to move. In this way, you can play with the temperature inside and outside the house. In winter, keep your window coverings down to prevent the heat from being lost through the windows, and in summer, raise the blinds at times when it is cooler or when the sun is not shining on your windows.

Saving energy with smart home
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