Fabrics from recycled materials

At Smartblinds, we believe it is important to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly world. We are aware of the ecological footprint we leave in the world. That is why many of our fabrics are made from recycled material and why we invest in sustainable production.

Recycled material

At Smartblinds, we have beautiful, responsible products with a timeless look in our range. By converting recycled PET bottles into window covering textiles, we contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in the world. By doing so, we create sustainable smart window coverings. Curious how the PET bottle process works? Then read on!

The PET bottle process

It starts with the collection of PET bottles after consumption. The collected bottles are sorted, cleaned and then melted down and turned into usable yarn. The yarn is spun and woven into large fabrics. Finally, these fabrics are dyed in timeless colours.

This production process uses 50% less energy and water compared to conventional polyester fabrics. This means that our sustainable Eco-friendly fabrics have 30% less impact on the environment.

A better world with Smartblinds

We at Smartblinds take responsibility for our ecological footprint. We strive for a clean and environmentally friendly world and by producing recycled fabrics we can contribute to this! In the future, we want to contribute even more to making the world a better place. So far, we are well on our way. Would you also like to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly world with your window decoration? Then take a look at our range of Smartblinds and put together your Smartblinds just the way you want it!

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