Sustainable production

At Smartblinds, sustainability is a very important factor in our company and our products. We strive for a clean and environmentally friendly world. We contribute to this in many ways, including through our sustainable fabric production and assembly.

Fabric production

The fabrics we have selected for our collection are produced in a sustainable way. For example, less water is used during the production process. Often, an unnecessary amount of water is used during a production process. Our roller blind fabrics are produced in such a way that the use of water is efficient. Not only the efficient use of water contributes to a sustainable production process. We also use green energy during production. This means that the energy used is partly generated by solar energy.

Assembly process

For the assembly of Smartblinds, a material- and energy-efficient production process is used, in which all resources are optimally utilised. By using custom-made software, especially developed for the production of roller blinds, fabrics and systems are cut in such a way that little or no waste is created. By minimising waste, fewer materials need to be disposed of, reducing both environmental impact and production costs.

The assembly process uses the latest intelligent machine technology, which not only shortens production time, but also saves on production routes and energy costs.

Environmentally friendly recycling packaging

Choice in type and quantity of packaging is an essential factor in the ecological cycle. By developing a packaging machine that cuts a tailor-made package per package, we only use the amount of packaging that is needed. This packaging is cut in such a way that, with a special folding technique, it provides the product with maximum protection during transport. Moreover, the packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard. Thanks to this technique, no glue or additional filling and fixing material such as polystyrene is needed. This also makes it easier for you as a customer to dispose of the Smartblinds in an environmentally friendly way and return them to the ecological cycle.

A better world with Smartblinds

In addition to sustainable production, we do even more to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. A number of our fabrics are made from recycled material. With Smartblinds, we are on our way to a better world! Would you like to make your home more sustainable and be sure that your window decoration contributes to this? Then choose Smartblinds!

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