Heat reflective curtains

These days it is a much-discussed concept. Energy prices that put many households under pressure of high costs. While energy prices may be dropping somewhat, energy rates will still be sky-high in 2023. For that reason, saving energy also remains a very important conversation of the day. People are showering less hot, or even cold. Other people choose to turn down the stove or even turn it off altogether. There are several ways to save energy in the home. Smartblinds has a smart curtain track that allows you to smartly use your heat reflecting curtains to save energy all year round!

What do heat reflective curtains do?

Heat-\ resistant curtains are a kind of additional barrier between the air outside and the air inside your home. Because of this curtain barrier, it becomes more difficult for air to move from inside to outside, and vice versa. This allows you to better regulate your temperature and living environment, so you always enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home. In summer, you like to keep it cool in your home. You would prefer to keep the hot air from outside out as much as possible. That's why some heat reflective curtains have a special silver coating, which reflects sunlight and heat. This gives you even more heat protection, so your home will be even cooler in the summer.

Heat reflecting curtains

A smart and heat reflecting curtain

Smartblinds, in addition to heat reflective roller blinds and heat-reflective pleated blinds, also has a smart curtain track that allows you to make your curtains smart. It works as follows:

The smart motor of the electric curtain track you can connect to your smart home. This opens up a world of possibilities, including linking your curtain track to other devices. For example, you can set the opening and closing of your thermal curtains using triggers. For example, in summer, set that as soon as the sun rises, your smart curtain rail automatically closes your curtains. This prevents light and heat from entering your home, keeping it nice and cool inside.

Heat reflective curtains

Keep the heat in during winter

Smartblinds' smart curtain track is made for pleated curtains. Pleated curtains come in all shapes and sizes. If you go for a heat-blocking curtain, choose a thick fabric that darkens well. The thick fabric reduces the ability of air to move from the inside to the outside and vice versa. The blackout is meant to keep out as much light as possible.

You can also choose to combine your heat-resistant curtains with a heat reflecting roller blind or another type of sun and heat-resistant curtains, such as heat reflective honeycomb blinds. The dual heat protection system provides the ultimate in energy savings while also looking very stylish.

curtains heat reflection

A smart and heat-resistant custom curtain

A thermal curtain, must be able to perform its function well. Customization is very important in this case. At Smartblinds you can customize your electric curtain track to your wishes. This way you ensure yourself of a good heat resistant curtain, which you can add to your smart home super quickly and easily.

thermal curtain
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