All you need to know about Matter

This autumn, a new smart home protocol will be launched: 'Matter'. When Matter lives up to its expectations, the smart home world will be reborn, as it were. Matter will provide something that has never been possible before. Connecting all devices, regardless of the brand, manufacturer and software of the product.

Why is Matter being developed?

In today's smart home world, there is one major problem that has not yet found an obvious solution. Due to the many different manufacturers of all kinds of smart home devices, they have created all kinds of different protocols and smart home systems. All these different systems are difficult to connect to each other, which can sometimes make your smart home a bit of a mess. That's why nowadays you have to pay close attention to whether the smart home device you want to buy can be connected to the rest of your smart home.

To solve this problem, more than 250 smart home manufacturers including Apple, Google and Amazon are working together on a new smart home protocol: Matter. But what is Matter, and how does this new protocol actually work?

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What is Matter?

Matter will be launched this autumn as the latest and greatest smart home communication standard. Matter makes it possible to use devices from different suppliers and smart home platforms with each other. So you can choose which smart home platform you use, but you are a lot more flexible in choosing the devices you want in your smart home. So it will be possible to add Apple HomeKit devices to your Google Home environment. Did anyone ever think this would be possible?

Matter, how does it work?

Matter can be seen as a sort of new version of the Thread-protocol. Like Thread, it is a mesh network, so Matter will be incredibly reliable. In fact, Matter turns any device into a hub, greatly improving the connectivity and performance of every smart home device in the house. In addition, devices that work according to the Matter protocol can also execute commands just by being connected to Matter. So your smart home will continue to function, even when the internet is not cooperating.

Matter can be seen as a kind of connection between all the different smart home islands that have been created in recent years. Through Matter, all the different islands are connected and guided by one universal protocol, allowing all smart home devices to work together in harmony, regardless of which manufacturer's products they come from.

Matter and Thread
What do I have to do with my current smart home devices?

Most well-known smart home devices already work with Thread or another Wi-Fi protocol. These devices have the right software and hardware, so they can probably also be used with Matter through an update. So you don't have to replace your entire smart home with new devices. Smartblinds' motors will also be updated when Matter is launched. As a result, the smart window blinds from Smartblinds are very future-proof and will last for years to come!

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The safety of Matter

Devices that want to work with Matter must meet strict requirements. When products have satisfied all these requirements and tests, they will receive a Matter certification. Various tests are also conducted in the field of data security and other privacy issues. You can therefore rest assured that the use of Matter is extremely safe.

If Matter lives up to the high expectations, we can predict that Matter will indeed start a kind of smart home revolution. The use of the smart home will become simpler and more accessible for several generations.

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