3 smart home products that work with Smartblinds

Connecting your smart window decoration with other smart home products is incredibly fun. By doing so, you create an increasingly automated smart home. We give you the 3 best smart home products you can use to make your Smartblinds even smarter!

The Apple HomePod Mini

With the Apple HomePod Mini in your home, you can make your many smart home products work together. This is because a HomePod acts as a smart hub for your smart home. This allows you to control your smart window decoration with voice commands via the Apple HomePod Mini. Set a command via Apple's home app and name the command. Next, link all the smart home products you want to the command and then speak the command. Your smart home products will immediately spring into action. This way, your Smartblinds can go up or down at any time! Having an Apple HomePod Mini in your home broadens the possibilities of your smart home. So you can control them even when you're not at home!

Apple HomePod Mini
The Eve Weather and the Eve Energy

Smartblinds not only work with the Apple HomePod Mini, but also with the Eve Weather and Eve Energy. Do you have the Eve Weather and Smartblinds in your home? Then you can set a temperature trigger of, say, 19 degrees so that your Smartblinds go down as soon as the smart thermometer reaches 19 degrees. You can set this trigger to your own preference and choose which smart home products you want to connect to it.

With an Eve Energy, you make your socket and your smart home products connected to it smart. The Eve Energy can be controlled via your smartphone. For example, do you want your coffee maker to switch on at 07:00 in the morning so that when you come downstairs you can make coffee right away? Then plug the coffee maker into the Eve Energy and set a scene where the coffee maker switches on at 07:00. Link your Smartblinds to the same scene so that your house starts moving at 07:00 without you having to do much yourself. No Eve Energy in your home yet? Order it quickly!

Eve Energy
Smart home lighting

The third smart home product that Smartblinds can work excellently with is smart home lighting. Link your Smartblinds to the same scene as your smart lighting. For example, set the scene ''good evening''. Set your Smartblinds to go down and lights off. Set the time to, say, 22:00. At the stroke of 22:00, your Smartblinds will go down and your lights off. Smart home products offer you ultimate comfort and convenience in your home!

smart home lighting

Smartblinds in your smart home

Do you have or want a smart home? Then smart window covering should definitely not be missing here. Smart window covering contributes a lot to your living comfort, and as you can read, it can work together with many other smart home products, allowing you to fully automate your home! Curious about the product range? We have different kinds of window decorations such as smart roller blinds or day and night blinds. All equipped with a smart motor that provides you with all the smart home conveniences!

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