Window coverings trends of 2022

The year 2022 has been around for a while now. This year we have become even more aware of how important it actually is to have a nice place at home. Your home is no longer just the place where you relax, your home is now also the place where you work, have online meetings and maybe even celebrate your vacations. Are you going to restyle your home soon or are you simply curious about all the new trends in the world of window coverings? Then read on and discover the most important trends of 2022!

Sustainable window decoration

Sustainability has become a huge trend these days. People are becoming much more aware of a more sustainable existence. Therefore, there are more and more window coverings on the market that contribute to the sustainability of your home. Think of window coverings like electric blinds, venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds. By now you're probably wondering why electric window coverings help make your home more sustainable? That's simple. Electric window coverings often feature smart technology that allows the user to set the coverings to automatically raise and lower at certain sun strengths. This keeps you cold in the summer and warm in the winter which means you don't have to turn on the air conditioner and heater as often! Smart honeycomb blinds are especially suitable for this. These curtains have a honeycomb structure in which a stagnant layer of air is created. This keeps it warm longer in the winter and cold in the summer.


The colors that we will see a lot in 2022 are mainly light and white shades. A house must radiate security because people are now spending a lot of time at home. Light colors suit this. You will also see a lot of pastel colors. Think for example of lilac and white. But also wool and linen are trends that now can not be missed. Linen and wool really contribute to a safer feeling in the house. Light colors represent a "new beginning" and that is exactly what everyone is looking for these days. Gray is also a color that we still see coming back. This color can create an industrial look which is also very popular.

Translucent window decoration

Privacy is something that is also increasingly appreciated. But still we do not want a dark room. Therefore, more and more people are purchasing translucent window decoration. This type of window decoration is ideal if you want to block out the sunlight somewhat but don't want to feel locked up in your home.

Bringing the outside in

Whether nature is a trend of only 2022 is questionable because nature has been a major theme for some time. We long for more greenery in and around our homes. Therefore, the trend of nature and also sustainability is at the top of the list in terms of new interior design trends.

Window coverings are almost decisive in this trend because with coverings for your windows you can decide how much you want to see or not see the outside world. Also, with the material of the window decoration, you can respond to the atmosphere in your home.

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