Kitchen window covering inspiration

The kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time. Every night you're in the kitchen to prepare a nice meal and every morning and afternoon to make breakfast and lunch. Precisely because you spend so much time here, it is important that your interior suits you. An important part of the kitchen is also window covering. Your kitchen is only complete when stylish window covering is used. Of course it creates the atmosphere in your kitchen but the function is also not unimportant. Also, people really live in the kitchen. Therefore, grease, dirt and moisture cannot be avoided. It is therefore important that you think carefully about which window covering you hang in the kitchen. The window covering must also be able to withstand these conditions. But which window covering is ideal for your kitchen? And what are the handy possibilities of smart window covering in the kitchen? If you want answers to these questions read on quickly!

Venetian blinds

Aluminum blinds is the first option we'll discuss. This type of window covering is super sleek and also easy to clean. Therefore, they are ideal for the kitchen. These type of blinds are resistant to dirt, moisture and grease and therefore are easy to keep clean. You can easily wipe the aluminum blinds with a dustpan or a damp cloth. They also provide a timeless and modern look and they also offer a lot of privacy. Because the slats can be tilted you can filter the light yourself. So during the day you can let a lot of light in and enjoy the natural daylight. But by tilting them in the evening you can create a lot of privacy.

These types of blinds also come in many different styles and flavors. Think about colors and widths. For small windows in the kitchen it is nicer to choose a small width but if you have large kitchen windows you can also choose a thicker width.

Smart window coverings in the kitchen

Smart window covering is an emerging trend in the field of window covering. Smart window covering is incredibly practical for the kitchen. This type of window covering allows you to move the window covering up or down at any time, with or without using your hands. This is ideal in the kitchen when your hands are full.

This is possible because you can connect the smart window covering to your smart assistant. This way you can give your smart speaker a command like: "Hey Siri, open my kitchen blinds". And then the smart window covering does the rest of the work! You can also control smart window coverings anytime, anywhere. For example, you can put down your window blinds in the kitchen on your way to work in the car if you want more privacy when you're not at home.

Venetian blinds in the kitchen

Venetian blinds is the next option we will discuss. Because of the material of these blinds, they have a luxurious look and create a lot of atmosphere in your home. They fit almost any kitchen because of all the color options. And as with aluminum window coverings, the slats also allow you to easily tilt them for the ideal light.

Cleaning smart venetian blinds is also easy. You can dust these slats with a dry cloth, with a duster but also with a vacuum cleaner you can easily clean the venetian blinds. However, some venetian wooden blinds cannot withstand water or moisture. Therefore, make sure not to place the wooden blinds too close to the tap to avoid splashing.

Honeycomb blinds in the kitchen

Honeycomb blinds allow for soft light during the day and privacy in the evening. This type of curtains is timeless and atmospheric. Therefore, they fit many types of kitchens. And does your kitchen happen to face the street? Then smart honeycomb blinds. with a top-down function might be ideal for you. This function allows light to pass through the window at the top and bottom but still preserves your privacy. These curtains come in two different types. You have honeycomb blinds with a single but also with a double fabric layer. Honeycomb blinds have a honeycomb structure which help keeping the heat in or out. This type of window covering is also available in different colors. We advise you to choose honeycomb blinds in a light color. This will ensure that the kitchen remains light and open.

Roller blinds in the kitchen

Is your interior more rural or romantic? Then you can also choose roller blinds in the kitchen. Roller blinds have a simple and classic look. Also, you can easily raise or lower roller blinds but these curtains also come in a smart version! Electric roller blinds also come in different thicknesses and colors. So you can decide whether you go for lots of light or if you prefer something darker. You can also choose a lot of privacy when the blinds are down and less privacy when they are up. You should be aware that in the kitchen a lot of grease and dirt can get on the window blinds. Therefore, you should clean the window coverings periodically or have them cleaned. Also discover the possibilities of day and night blinds in the kitchen!

What else should you take into account?

If you are going to buy window coverings for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the placement of the window coverings and whether you can still clean them easily. Because each type of window covering has different properties, it is important to look at this for each type of window covering. Look at all the possibilities or limitations in your kitchen and see what you think is most important.

Is your kitchen facing the street? Then it's nice that you have as little view into the kitchen as possible. Then choose pleated blinds or venetian blinds. Both allow you to determine how much privacy and light enter the room. So you determine the desired amount of privacy.

Are you looking for window covering for the kitchen and would you like to have more information about the different types and possibilities? Check out our assortment in the shop! Need more inspiration? Read our blogs about living room window covering ideas and bedroom inspiration.