Day and night blinds for the kitchen

Are you trying to decide which kitchen roller blinds to buy? Then read this blog to get inspiration on what sort of blinds go best in the most used room in your home. Of course, you probably think just normal roller blinds, right? But have you thought about day and night roller blinds for your kitchen? These are must-haves for any home. Read on to find out why.

Why day and night blinds in the kitchen?

Zebra blinds (or day and night blinds as we like to say) are multi-functional for all times of the day. For example, every morning you sit in the kitchen to eat you breakfast while it’s still maybe dark outside. Do you want people to stare in while you are still in your dressing gown? No way! Then you can have your day and night roller blinds closed so people can’t look in. What about lunchtime? Do you still want your blinds closed? Of course not! You probably want to let the light in and enjoy the scenery outside and get some mood boosting natural light in your home. Then you can turn your kitchen day and night roller blinds to open.

day and night blinds kitchen
Must-have zebra blinds

Getting the right lighting and vibe in your kitchen is essential and that’s why it’s important to get the interior just right. From your cabinets to the floor and the lighting to the blinds. Making good decisions at the beginning will save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, this is the place where the whole family hangs out to eat, chat, read and watch tv. It’s the focal point of the home.

kitchen zebra blinds

Light, view and privacy anywhere in your home

Create any light, view and privacy you want with day and night blinds in your kitchen. As these blinds have a double layer fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes, you can create the right mood and look to fit any modern or classic kitchen style. And you don’t just have to have day and night blinds in the kitchen. Why not have them throughout the whole downstairs of your home? They are perfect for living rooms, offices and hallways. Whether you want light streaming in or complete privacy – the choice is yours.

kitchen day and night blinds
Smartblinds zebra blinds for your kitchen

We have a chic collection of day and night blinds, which offer the best of both worlds: the most perfect view of the outside with diffused natural light or complete privacy at any moment in the day. Choose from different neutral colours and textures to get just the look you want. Not sure which one? Why not order some samples and see for yourself.

zebra blinds for kitchen

Speak to our expert

Discover our range of day and night blinds powered by innovative Eve MotionBlinds motors. Enjoy the convenience by setting them to open and close at any desired time or connect them to other smart home devices to do the hard work for you. Want to know more? Then speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to help advise you about which day and night blinds is best for you.

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