Colour trends of 2023

You want to know the upcoming colour trends for this year? No problem! In this blog you will find out all the hottest colours for interior design. Whether it’s for your lounge, bedroom or office – these colours are the most wanted colours trends of 2023. Read on to find out more.

colour trends 2023: In a nutshell

We see several colour trends that are popular this year. There are lots of earth tones and warm neutrals in interior design, which is always seen as timeless colours that never go out of date. We also see that rich dark colours are top sellers, which are usually teamed with a luxurious texture like velvet for a luxurious eye-catching look. On top of that, we also see that soft pastels are here to stay. Read on to find out more about the different colour trends of 2023.

Top colours 2023 - Earth tones and warm neutrals

It’s important right now to surround yourself in nature and items that make you feel positive and happy. Your home is your haven. A place you want to relax and feel safe. That’s why with all the craziness in the world, it’s important to decorate your interior with earthy colour tones and warm neutrals. For example, choose ‘Wild Wonder’– a natural yellow hue colour which is voted colour trend 2023 by paint specialists Flexa and Dulux. Bring nature inside, feel grounded and create inspiring spaces – whether you have your walls, blinds, floors, furniture or accessories with these earthy tones or warm neutrals.

Must-have soft pastels in your interior

Elle Décor magazine loves the cool lavenders and lilacs in many interiors around the world. Whether it’s a New York apartment or townhouse in London, rose and powder blue are becoming increasingly popular. These light soft colours are great for making the interior feel calm and serene. If you do not want to paint your walls or have your Smartblinds in pastel colours, no problem. Keep these neutral and accessorize with rugs, candles and cushions. This also means that it’s easy to keep updating your interior easily with a change of colour every year – without breaking the bank.

Most-wanted rich and dark colours

According to paint brand Histor and Giden Paint, ‘Vining Ivy’ wins the colour trends 2023 category. This green blue paint is sought-after by homeowners wanting to freshen up their interior. This is being heralded as the colour trends interior 2023 winner because it’s very versatile and great for a kitchen, bathroom, office or even a lounge. But it’s not just greens and blues – we are also seeing orange as an eye-catcher in people’s homes.

Our Smartblinds colour Range

At Smartblinds we offer a wide range of colours to choose from. For example, we have white, off-white, light and dark greys, beige, blue greys, browns, anthracite and black. Why not talk to our experts and find out which electric blinds will fit your interior style the best? We are always happy to help.