Smartblinds as a Christmas gift

The time for Christmas shopping has already arrived, because Christmas is just around the corner. Without a wish list it can still be difficult to find Christmas presents. Are you looking for a gift that will last for years? One that you can take full advantage of in your home? One that provides ultimate convenience through smart features? Then you have come to the right place at Smartblinds! We are going to explain to you why Smartblinds are the ideal Christmas gift!

What are Smartblinds?

You're probably wondering; what exactly are Smartblinds? Smartblinds are wireless smart window covering products such as roller blinds, pleated blinds and duo blinds that you can control from anywhere via your smartphone. Through the smart controls you receive a lot of comfort and convenience in your home. For example, you can set smart timers so that your Smartblinds automatically raise in the morning and close automatically in the evening. Convenience is our top priority, which is why our Smartblinds are fully custom-made, easy to assemble and install and incredibly simple to use. Smartblinds are accessible for everyone.

The ideal Christmas gift

Smartblinds will last for years. Our products are of high quality which makes them last for years. Therefore Smartblinds are the ideal Christmas gift. Smartblinds also fit into any interior. We have several product types on our website, such as roller blinds, en day and night blinds. Because each product is available in multiple fabrics and colors, there will always be a suitable product for your home! To make sure you order the right colour/fabric, it is possible to order free samples in advance. You will receive the samples at home and you can see for yourself which one fits best in your interior.

Suitable for any smart home

Smartblinds are suitable for every smart home. So you do not have to worry that our Smartblinds will not work in your smart home or that of the person you want to gift Smartblinds to. The motors in Smartblinds are powered by Eve MotionBlinds and work seamlessly with smart home platforms. Moreover, they are totally ready for the future. With the arrival of Matter in 2023, our motors are easily updated, which means Smartblinds will work with Matter, among other things, in the future.

Order your Smartblinds

Would you first like to view the fabric at home? Request free samples via our sample page. Do you already know which Smartblinds you want to order? Put it together easily in our configurator on the website. You will receive our (duo) blinds within 5 to 10 working days!