Smart bedroom

Smart home in the bedroom

Smart home products. You can find them all over the house. Not surprisingly, because you can deploy and use smart devices anywhere in the house. Even in the bedroom, some smart home devices come into their own very well. They can wake you up, they help you get up rested and improve your sleeping environment. Smartblinds takes you through the smart home devices that will take your smart bedroom to the next level. These smart home products should definitely not be missing from your smart bedroom.

smart bedroom

Bedroom lighting

Lighting is an important component in your bedroom. During your night, lighting plays no role, but the moment you enter your bedroom, the first action you take is generally a click on a light switch. When you are ready to crawl into your nest, your lights logically turn off again. A smart lamp can already make this easier. Using voice control, you can turn your lamp on and off from your bed. Find your bed, and the moment you're lying comfortably, simply say to your smart assistant, ''Hey ...., lights off.''

Smart lighting can also boost your morning. Instead of a beeping alarm clock, team up your smart devices in your bedroom to wake you up in a peaceful way. Let your lamp shine brighter and brighter for half an hour, slowly opening your smart darkening window blinds in your bedroom. This way, you will be slowly woken up, making you start your day a lot more rested.

smart lighting bedroom

Darkening the bedroom

One of the key points of a smart bedroom. Darkening. You experience your best sleep in a well-darkened environment, with as few light stimuli as possible. You've already read about how smart window blinds can help you wake up rested through the cooperation of smart devices. But smart window blinds, in addition to waking up rested, also ensure that you can really rest at night. Smartblinds has smart blackout window blinds. Take our blackout roller blinds, for example. The black-out fabric allows you to enjoy a dark room with no light stimuli for your eyes. Great if you want to sleep peacefully. Besides the black-out function, our black-out roller blinds are also insulating. Window covering contributes enormously to the insulation of your home. Did you know that with insulating window blinds in your home, you can save up to hundreds of euros a year on your energy bill?

Darkening the bedroom

Smart home alarm clock

A smart alarm clock is indispensable in a smart bedroom. Often, a smart alarm clock is a kind of multifunctional smart home product. Most smart alarm clocks feature a speaker, lamp and display in 1. The beauty of a smart alarm clock is that you can set what kind of sound you want to be woken up with. For example, if it is already partly light in your room, you can set your alarm clock to play your favourite music at that moment. Because what could be nicer than being woken up by your favourite songs?

smart home bedroom

As you have read, the smart collaboration of your smart home devices can help you sleep more soundly and wake up more comfortably. Not only are smart home scenes useful for such factors, they can also save you a lot of energy. Wondering how? Then read our article on energy-saving smart home scenes!

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