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Smart home products in the bathroom

Smart products. Even in the bathroom you will find them. Often, they are not the most common smart devices you come across in the bathroom. This is because smart home products in your bathroom also have to meet a few more requirements than regular smart home devices. Think water resistance and humidity, for instance. Smartblinds takes you through some smart home products that can be used well in your bathroom.

smart bathroom

A smart home bathroom mirror

The mirror. Perhaps it is the most important item in your entire bathroom. Unnoticed, you look in the mirror more often than you might think. Did you know that the average woman spends 55 minutes a day looking in the mirror! This translates into an average of about two weeks a year spent looking at your own reflection! A smart mirror makes looking at yourself even easier, and more fun. For example, a smart bathroom mirror has several handy functions:

smart bathroom

The smart LED lighting around the edge of the clock ensures that you have good light while getting ready. This makes your morning routine or make-up routine just a little easier.

Digital clock

Most smart bathroom mirrors have a built-in digital clock. So you always have the time at hand. Pretty handy when you need to get ready for an important appointment or party where you can't be late.


Depending on the smart bathroom mirror you get, most smart mirrors also have speakers. So you can enjoy your favourite tunes during your make-up routine or while showering.


Smart bathroom window coverings

In the bathroom, you don't like to be watched by strangers. Privacy is an important aspect in this room. Therefore, smart window coverings in the bathroom are certainly not a luxury. Smartblinds has different types of smart window decoration that can be used in the bathroom. Think of electric roller blinds, or electric honeycomb blinds. Both of which are available in different colours and fabric transparencies. Set timers when your window coverings are closed, or instruct your window coverings to close via voice control or your smartphone.

smart home bathroom blinds

Smart lighting in your smart bathroom

Unfortunately, lighting your smart mirror alone is not enough. Smart spotlights or a smart ceiling lamp are therefore not superfluous. What you should pay close attention to when buying your smart lighting is water resistance. Smart lights come with a so-called IP value characteristic. This characteristic indicates the degree to which a lamp is water-resistant. This could be splash-proof, for example, or resistant to water jets. So when buying your smart bathroom lamp, pay close attention to whether your lamp has the required water resistance.

smart bathroom lighting

Of course, there are many other smart home devices you can add to your bathroom. For a room like the bathroom, a smart thermostat that allows you to control the temperature for each room is also super handy for a humid and often hot room like the bathroom. For inspiration on smart home products in other rooms, take a look at our overview of smart home products by room!

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