Set up automations via Apple HomeKit

To set up automations you need:

A smart device that works with apple home

To communicate and automate with devices, it is important that the device you want to automate with is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. Therefore, when buying a smart home product, pay attention to the logo you see in the picture!

A smart home hub, such as the Apple HomePod Mini

To automate, you need a smart hub that connects all the devices together. An example of a smart home hub, as shown on the left, is the Apple HomePod Mini. Don't have a smart home hub yet? Then do this, first so you can start setting up your automations.

automations automations
Have you already added your devices to Apple HomeKit?
Would you like to set smart scenes via the home app to make your daily life easier? We'll explain how to do this in a few steps. We assume you have already installed your Smartblinds, or other smart devices you want to automate, added them to the home app and have a smart home hub in your home. Haven't added your devices to Apple HomeKit yet? Then check out how to add your smart devices to Apple HomeKit.
Apple HomeKit Apple HomeKit

This is how you set up automations:

  1. Go to Apple's home app.
  2. Click 'automation' at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click '+' at the top right of your screen.
  4. Click 'add scene'.
  5. Click 'custom'.
  6. Give your scene a name, for example: 'Good evening'.
  7. Click 'add accessories'.
  8. Add the accessories you want them to move during the scene.
  9. Click 'done'.
  10. Click on your accessory to set the action for the scene, for example, click on your blind and set it to 'closed'.
  11. Do this for all the accessories you add and then click 'done'.
Expand your smart home
In the above way, you can add and put your devices into action in all sorts of different scenes. For example, pair your smart window blinds with smart lighting, and a speaker to create cool scenes!

Apple smart home Apple smart home
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