A cool house with smart window coverings

A pleasant temperature in the house is not only pleasant, but also important. Especially when it is extremely hot outside. On hot summer days, however, it is very difficult to keep the heat out and enjoy a healthy indoor climate. Many people therefore get an air conditioning unit or fan to provide some cooling. But did you know that you can prevent heat from finding its way inside with smart window decoration? With Smartblinds, you can respond to influences from the immediate environment, such as temperature and the intensity of daylight, and ensure a cool indoor climate during the summer.

heat reflecting roller blinds
Sun & heat reflecting roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds from Smartblinds block heat from entering your home. Want to go for optimal heat protection? Then go for the solar fabric. This fabric has a silver coating on the back that reflects the incoming sunlight, keeping it even cooler inside!

heat reflective honeycomb blinds
Sun & heat reflecting honeycomb blinds

Our blackout honeycomb blinds feature an aluminium coating in the cells of the honeycomb blind, which acts as an extra layer of insulation. Light filtering honeycomb blinds are also suitable for blocking heat and sun!

Window coverings that react to temperature and sunlight

With Smartblinds it is possible to set up smart scenes. If you set the scene during warm days so that your blinds are not up when it is very hot, but when it is still cool, you make sure that your house does not get so hot. You can set the scene during warm days to keep your house as cool as possible. For example, set the scene so that your blinds go up early in the morning when it is still reasonably cool outside and go down just before the sun starts shining on the windows. In this way you make sure that your house stays cool for as long as possible by using the smart scene. The scene even works when you are not at home!

Keeping out the heat with blackout blinds

A black-out roller blind fabric ensures, among other things, that no light can enter the room. A blackout blind is often chosen for the bedroom, because it does not let light through and you get a good night's sleep. However, blackout fabrics are now increasingly being used for windows where the sun shines on them for long periods of time. Our blackout fabrics block out the sun and at the same time keep out the heat. Do you often have problems in the summer with a room that is very hot because the sun shines on it all day? Then choose our blackout fabrics and you will notice the difference immediately! We have several black-out fabrics in different colours in our range. See our blackout blinds >

A cool house through co-operative devices

Smartblinds can work together with other smart devices, for example with the Eve Weather. This is a smart weather station that measures how many degrees it is inside or outside the house. Smartblinds can receive triggers from Eve Weather to raise or lower your blinds. During warm days you can set the scene to lower your blinds when the Eve Weather measures 20 degrees inside (or outside). As soon as 20 degrees is reached your Smartblinds will receive a trigger and they will go down. This keeps your house cool for longer!

Pleasant indoor temperature with Smartblinds

With Smartblinds for the windows, your house will stay cool during hot summer days. Smartblinds do not use up electricity like air-conditioning systems do. You only need to charge the blinds once or twice a year with normal use. This results in a low energy bill! Smartblinds has many more possibilities than just keeping your home cool.


Respond intelligently to the influences from your immediate surroundings with Smartblinds smart window coverings and never again wonder how to keep your home cool. Want to know more about the many advantages that Smartblinds smart window coverings has to offer? Then take a closer look at our website! Get smart >


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