Bedroom day and night blinds

Day and night blinds, also known as 'zebra blinds', have put a revolutionary spin on window blinds with their unique design and smart functionality. These curtains feature a distinctive double weave pattern of transparent and opaque fabrics, resulting in a contemporary and stylish look. They not only offer a sophisticated and luxurious look , but also have numerous benefits using them in the bedroom.

Mulitfunctional: privacy and light control

Day and night blinds are known for their dual functionality, making them a versatile choice for bedrooms. The alternation of transparent and opaque fabrics in the design allows you to precisely control the amount of incoming light while maintaining your desired level of privacy. Whether you want gentle filtering of natural light or complete blackout for deep sleep, these smart day and night blinds can meet your needs with ease.

day and night blinds bedroom

Smartly control your day and night blinds in the bedroom

What makes day and night blinds even more attractive is their integration with smart technologies. By connecting them to your smart home system, you get the ability to control them remotely via your smartphone, tablet or voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This smart control adds a new level of convenience to your bedroom. You can open or close the Smartblinds without leaving your bed, adjust them automatically based on the time of day, or even create scenarios that close your Smartblinds when you want to relax or sleep. This not only offers convenience, but can also contribute to a better sleep rhythm by managing your light exposure.

bedroom day and night blinds

The blinds of the future: energy saving & futuristic design

The contemporary look of Smartblinds bedroom day and night blinds adds a touch of stylish design to your bedroom. Their clean lines and versatile design go well with various interior styles, from modern to classic. Moreover, day and night blinds from Smartblinds in the bedroom contribute to energy efficiency. The double fabric layers offer extra insulation, which helps regulate the temperature in the room. This can result in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, which is not only beneficial for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Bedroom day and night roller blind

Day and nigh blinds from Smartblinds have revolutionised the world of bedroom window coverings, among others, with their unique design and smart functionality. They combine the benefits of light control, privacy and appearance, adding the power of smart technology. By connecting your Smartblinds day and night blinds to your smart home system, you can effortlessly customise your bedroom to suit your preferences and daily routine. This not only creates a comfortable and stylish sleeping space, but also a lifestyle that contributes to both your convenience and peace of mind.

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