An interior that works together

The great advantage of the smart home is that it allows multiple devices in the home to work together. This cooperation makes it possible to automate processes in the home and provides more comfort, safety and sustainability in the home. For example, you can set your smart window decoration to close automatically at sunset and your interior lighting to switch on at the same time. Do you have lights in your home that are not smart? No problem! You can also make these lamps part of your Apple smart home. Find out how!

Window coverings with Eve Motionblinds motors

Smartblinds smart window blinds contain Eve MotionBlinds motors. These motors with Apple HomeKit certification have been developed in collaboration with smart home specialist Eve Systems to enable seamless integration into your smart home. Eve MotionBlinds work exclusively with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

Eve's smart plug

With Eve Energy, you can make any electrical device in your home smart. This means that you can turn your existing lights into smart home lamps and make them part of smart scenes. The plug makes voice control possible and also provides insight into the energy consumption of the device. Via Bluetooth or Thread, the Eve Energy works directly with your other smart devices. The smart plug also strengthens the Thread network in your home, so your smart home connectivity is at its best everywhere!

Make devices work together

By allowing devices to interact and work together, you can reduce your home's energy consumption and increase comfort. Smart home makes it possible to use appliances as efficiently as possible. Think, for example, of an air conditioner that automatically switches off when your smart thermostat measures a certain temperature. Or your smart blinds that automatically move down when the sun heats up your house. Do you always suffer from a reflection in your image while watching TV? Connect your television to an Eve Energy and set your window decoration to always close when your TV is on. The possibilities are endless!

The benefits of Smartblinds

By integrating Smartblinds into your smart home, you bring your interior to life. The automatic operation of your window decoration provides a lot of convenience on a daily basis and also allows you to leave your home with a safe feeling. Thanks to the wireless motor, the installation is done in no time and with the supplied long USB-C cable you can easily charge your Smartblinds. With normal use, this will only be necessary once or twice a year. With extra benefits, like the insulating functions of our blinds, you can also save some money on your energy bill over the year!

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