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Getting started with smart home is not always easy and can be very complicated for many. That's why Smartblinds explains everything you need to know about smart home, both for beginners and real experts. We explain step-by-step how to add your first smart home devices to the Google Home app.

Google Home App

Of course, the logical first step is to buy your first smart home device. This could, for example, be a Google Assistant speaker, a hub for your Google Home or an other product compatible with Google like a smart thermostat or a smart home window blind. When making your purchase, make sure the device you buy is compatible with Google Home. Often the icon shown here on the product's packaging if it is pairable with your Google Home.

Google Home devices

Add your device to Google Home

If you want to pair your devices with your Google Home, you must of course have downloaded the app on your smartphone first. To do this, go to the Play Store as an Android user and, as an iOS user, search for the Google Home App in the App Store. Make sure your home does have a good Wi-Fi network for the best smart home experience. If the app is on your phone, you can get started adding your devices to Google Home by following the following roadmap.

  1. Open the Google Home App on your smartphone.

  2. Create a Home by pressing the 'begin' button in the centre of the screen. If you have already done this, you can skip this step.

  3. Haven't added any devices to Google Home yet? Then click the settings button in the middle of your screen to add your first device.

  4. At the top of the 'Home Settings' menu, you will see the 'add device' button. Click this to start adding your device.

  5. Once you have successfully added your device following the steps in the app, you can optionally give your device a nice name!

Expand your Google Home

After adding your first smart home devices, you can start expanding your Google Home by adding multiple smart home devices to your Google Home. This way, you create a network of devices in your home that can all communicate and work together. For example, devices can work together when added to the same routines. Smartblinds explains to you what a routine is and how you can add a routine to your Google Home!

Google Home add devices
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