Sun blocking blinds: insulating and energy-efficient

Sun blocking blinds from Smartblinds are an innovative and ingenious solution to optimise the insulation of your home in addition to darkening a room. Sun reflective roller blinds are actually special only at the back. A sun reflecting blind has got a white coating on the back that not only blocks sunlight, but also reflects it. In this article, we will explain why a sun reflecting blind is an excellent choice if you want to save on your energy bill while enjoying convenience and other benefits!

A sun blocking blind explained

Actually, a sun blocking blind is essentially no different from a normal 'light filtering' blind. Like all other smart home roller blinds from Smartblinds, you can intelligently control the blind with your smartphone and, by adding your window covering to your smart home, you can unlock even more smart control options, such as voice control, for example. The special thing about a roller blind to block out the sun and heat is in the back of the blind. A roller blind with reflective back has a special coating. The coating of the roller blind depends on the fabric you choose at Smartblinds. For example, our Essential fabric has a white coating . The coating on the back not only provides sun protection, but also reflects sunlight. This ensures that the heat carried by sunlight is not absorbed by the colour of the roller blind, but reflected back. This allows you to keep the heat out even better in summer, and enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home all year round.

sun blocking blind

Saving energy with a sun reflecting roller blind

Because the reflective function further reduces the amount of heat and light coming in through your windows, sun blinds help improve the energy efficiency of your home or office. It becomes easier to maintain the temperature in your space and there is less need for air conditioning or heating, thus reducing energy costs. At the same time, this benefit not only helps yourself and your wallet, but is also super beneficial for the environment.

sun reflecting roller blind

Smartblinds' sun blocking blinds

Keep your style

The advantage of a roller blind with reflective coating is that you don't have to compromise on style. The reflective functionalities of your electric roller blinds are due to the back of your blind, so the inside of the blind just looks like a normal roller blind! Moreover, with a sun blocking blind you still have a lot of choice between the type of fabric, the colour and you have full control over the colour of your roller blind system and the bottom rail!

More energy savings with smart control

By operating your blind smartly, you can start saving energy even more effectively. Sunlight in the winter, for instance, can provide some extra warmth in your home. Link your Smartblinds to a smart home sun sensor, for example, which will automatically open the sun blocking blinds in winter when the sun shines!

sun blocking blinds
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