Venetian blinds wood or bamboo

Venetian blinds can be seen in more and more households. It is now one of the most popular window covering products. Venetian blinds are stylish, create atmosphere and provide both light and privacy. Would you like venetian blinds in your home, but in doubt between wooden blinds or bamboo blinds? We explain the difference so you can make your choice!

Smart venetian blinds

One of the latest additions to our website are smart blinds. Being one of the most popular window covering products, of course venetian blinds cannot be missing from our website. Would you like to have venetian blinds in your home, but find it annoying that you have to operate them by hand? Then these are the ideal solution! You operate them easily with your smartphone. With a few clicks, your blinds close, open, raise or lower!

Wooden venetian blinds

A very popular venetian blind is the wooden venetian blind. They are very atmospheric as they have a warm appearance. Wooden venetian blinds are available in several colours, so they fit any interior. In addition, venetian blinds provide natural light. You can easily regulate the incidence of light and privacy yourself by tilting the blinds. Wooden venetian blinds are a real eyecatcher for your interior!

Bamboo venetian blinds

The same applies to bamboo venetian blinds as to venetian wooden blinds. They are atmospheric, have a warm look, provide light and we could go on and on. However, there are a few differences. For instance, bamboo blinds are very environmentally friendly. This is because bamboo is completely biodegradable. In addition, bamboo grows a lot faster than other types of wood. The structure of the bamboo blind is also different from that of a wooden blind. A bamboo venetian blind has a somewhat coarser structure, while the wooden venetian blind is completely smooth. Moreover, the bamboo venetian blind is slightly lighter in weight.

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