Cleaning honeycomb blinds: a snap

Periodically cleaning your honeycomb blinds is not a luxury. Like all other furniture and accessories in your home, honeycomb blinds are dust collectors that need to be cleaned once in a while. When cleaning honeycomb blinds, there are a number of factors to consider. First of all, do super careful while cleaning. Honeycomb blinds are made of delicate fabrics. Therefore, do not use rough cleaning equipment that might damage your electric honeycomb blinds. On this page you will find some tips on materials and ways you can clean your honeycomb blinds.

Use a feather duster or hoover
A feather duster is a soft brush, often made of soft ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers attract and hold most minute dust particles, thus cleaning your honeycomb blinds in no time. Moreover, the soft texture of the feather duster does not leave scratches and damage.

Can't reach all the spots with your feather duster? Then you can try vacuuming away the remaining dust using a hoover. When using a hoover, it is smart to choose a soft brush head on the hoover to avoid damaging it.
clean honeycomb blind clean honeycomb blind
Cleaning pleated blinds with a cloth
To avoid further neglecting your pleated blind when cleaning, it is best to use as little water as possible while cleaning. So grab a dry (microfibre) cloth with which you can gently wipe the honeycomb blind. Can't get rid of the dirt or stain with a dry cloth? Then try cleaning pleated blinds with a slightly damp cloth. Moist does mean not wet. So don't clean your pleated blind with a cloth soaking wet.
clean pleated blinds clean pleated blinds
Hang your pleated blinds tactically
Cleaning window blinds is not easy with every kind. We can say from experience that cleaning pleated blinds is a more difficult task than for many other window blinds. We therefore also advise you to carefully consider where you will hang your pleated blinds. For example, do you have a kitchen window close to your cooking appliances where a grease drip or sauce is occasionally spilled? Then it is more convenient in this case to choose a material that is a little easier to clean, such as, for example, Smartblinds' electric roller blinds.
How to clean honeycomb blinds How to clean honeycomb blinds

Having pleated blinds cleaned

As a final option, there is also the possibility of using an external party that specialises in cleaning pleated blinds and other window coverings. Keep in mind that this does incur costs.

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