Electric sun shades

Sun protection comes in different forms. Indoor blinds, outdoor blinds, manual or electric. Smartblinds has a diverse range of electric indoor sun shades. Our custom-made electric blinds are sustainably produced, and can save you a lot of money in both summer and winter. How do you do this and what types of electric sun shades can you choose from? We are happy to explain.

Types of electric sun blinds

What indoor blinds are to you, they may not be to someone else. Everyone has their own perspective on indoor blinds. Some want blinds to darken their homes, while others are content with blocking the sun's brightest rays. Smartblinds has electric blinds for everyone. With us, you can choose from different types of window covering. Think of an electric day and night blind or an electric roller blind. These forms of electric blinds can be ordered in different colours and fabric transparencies, so there is always a suitable type of indoor blinds for you.

electric sun shades

Transparent indoor blinds

Transparent indoor blinds are the lightest form of sun shades. You can see through these blinds. Conversely, the sun will therefore still shine in to some extent. So these blinds are often chosen for rooms where you like a lot of natural light, such as the living room.

Light filtering indoor blinds

Smartblinds' light filtering sun blinds are similar to transparent indoor blinds. The difference is in the degree of transparency. You cannot see through the light filtering blinds. This also makes it more difficult for the sun to get through the blinds. These indoor blinds are popular in workrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Blackout indoor blinds

De meest optimale binnenzonwering is de verduisterende binnenzonwering. Deze zonwering laat geen enkele vorm van zonlicht door waardoor je de ruimte volledig kunt verduisteren. Niet zo gek dat deze zonwering ontzettend populair is als raambekleding voor slaapkamers en badkamers.

Solar zebra blind

Zebra blinds are a bit special compared to traditional roller blinds. A zebra roller blind consists of transparent and blackout horizontal strips that alternate. As the two fabric strips move behind each other, you control how much light passes through. If you want privacy, close the blackout strips. If you want lots of light in your room. Then open the transparent strips with one finger swipe.

Indoor zebra blinds

Solar roller blind

A solar roller blind is not only functional, but also super stylish. Smartblinds blinds are available in different fabrics and colours. Therefore, there is always an awning blind to suit you. Smartblinds blinds are heat-reflective and insulating.

solar roller blinds
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