Timeless elegance

At Smartblinds, we believe in the lasting power of good design. No nonsense, but beautiful, responsible products that do what they have to do and have a timeless appearance. Because of the positive effect they have on how you feel, you want to keep them longer, cherish them and enjoy them again and again. This gives them a sustainable quality that is not only good for people, but also for the environment.

Our offer stands for timeless design, convenience, individuality, connectivity, quality and sustainability. The Smartblinds have a modular design, are made of high quality materials and recycled fabrics, and are assembled in Europe. They are quick and easy to install and can be programmed and operated using Apple HomeKit or voice control to suit personal preferences. The range offers the ideal choice for both the functional buyer and the true design lover. This makes the Smartblinds offer smart in every way!

Take a look at our electric roller blinds or electric day and night blinds and compose your Smartblinds exactly according to your needs.

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