Electric duette blinds

Looking for new window coverings that will save you time, money and energy? Then look for Smartblinds' electric duettes. Duettes, also known as electric honeycomb blinds are the most energy-saving window covering available. Smartblinds offers duettes equipped with an electric cordless motor. With this motor, you can add your duette blinds to your smart home, allowing you to operate your duette in different ways:

Smartphone control

By connecting your electric duette to your smart home, you can electrically control your duettes via your smartphone. In addition, you can set automations and scenes, so you don't even have to perform the controls yourself.

Voice control

Do you have a smart home with a smart assistant, such as Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant? Then you can instruct your smart home assistant to open or close your duette, or hang them at a certain hanging percentage.

Pull control

Of course, it is still possible to operate your electric duette blinds manually. Smartblinds has the handy pull control for this. You can open and close your duette with one short pull on the cord.


Difference between duette and pleated blinds

The difference in a duette and a pleated blind is in the number of fabric strips. A normal pleated blind consists of a single zigzag fabric strip. A duette, also called a double pleated blind or honeycomb pleated blind, consists of 2 zigzag fabric strips. This creates air cavities between the 2 fabric strips, creating an insulating effect. So electric duette blinds are actually the kind of more luxurious version of a normal pleated blind with a single fabric track. At Smartblinds, we have a wide range of different types of electric duette binds. For instance, we have translucent duettes and blackout duettes. There are also 2 different system options. Electric duettes with Top Down operation and electric duettes with Top Down Bottom Up operation. So the difference between duette blinds and pleated blinds is clear, but what is the difference between the 2 system options?

difference between duette en pleated
duette electric top down
Top Down

With a Top Down system, you can lower your electric duette there is a clever motor in the top of your duette plissé that allows you to lower it. This system works the same as with a normal roller blind. You easily and quickly have your duette pleated blinds hanging at the right height.

duette elektrisch top down bottom up
Top Down Bottom Up

The name kind of says it all. There is a smart motor in the top with which you can lower your duette pleated blind. In the bottom of your electric duette there is an extra smart motor, with which you can open your plissé duette from below. So you can let light through on both sides of your electric duette.

Your electric duette blind made-to-measure

Smartblinds duettes are electric and made-to-measure for you. Choose the right fabric, measure your window and compose your duette plissé easily via the website. Would you like to experience the fabrics at home before making your choice? This is possible with Smartblinds' free sample service. Request the fabrics you are unsure about, and within a few days you can assess them at home.

If you have questions about the product, the samples or difficulties with fitting? Our free dialing and fitting help is ready with answers to all your questions. Schedule a moment to give yourself tailored advice!

duette pleated blinds made-to-measure
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