Electric curtain rails

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Electric curtain rails for your smart home

Electric curtain rails that you can open and close automatically via your smartphone. This is an extremely valuable addition to any home! Not only for a lot of convenience and comfort, but also for privacy at the right time and a safe living environment. Upgrade your interior with our smart curtain rails and experience the benefits for yourself.

Maximum comfort & privacy with automatic curtain rails

Curtains that open and close automatically every day improve the comfort of your home. Manually operating your window blinds is a thing of the past, so you don't have to worry about everything being shut tightly all day if you forget to do it. Great for you, but also for the plants in your interior that need a lot of light.

More benefits of Smartblinds electric curtain rails

In addition to enormous living comfort, our electric curtain rails have much more to offer. Thanks to their compatibility with your smart home, you can make your curtains part of smart routines, allowing you to respond intelligently to influences from your immediate surroundings, such as temperature and the intensity of daylight. This results in a better indoor climate and even contributes to the sustainability of your home. The automatic movement in your home also ensures that you can go on holiday with peace of mind, because it looks as if someone is at home.

Control & automate with your smartphone

Smartblinds electric curtain rails can be operated by several control options. Via your home app, you can easily set the favourite positions of your curtains and integrate them into smart routines or scenes. This way you arrange that your electric curtains automatically move to your favourite positions every day. For example at specific times, at sunrise and sunset or simply after a voice command via your smart speaker!

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