Create routines on Apple HomeKit

Smart routines and scenes are designed to make life in a smart home even more comfortable. With just 1 trigger or a short command, you can put your whole house into motion. On Apple HomeKit, you can find smart scenes under the heading automations. Note: to use automations, you need a smart hub in your home. This could be an Apple 4K TV of the 4th generation or later, for example, or a smart speaker such as the Apple HomePod Mini. Don't have these yet? Then purchase one of these products first.

Automations with Apple HomeKit

If you want to set up your own automations, you'll obviously need Apple's HomeKit app first. This should be on your iPhone by default. Apple does not support Android devices, so we do not recommend choosing Apple HomeKit as your smart home platform if you use Android on your smartphone. When you want to start setting up your automations, you first need to add your smart home hub to your Home app. Want to know how to do this? Then read how to add devices to Apple HomeKit. Once you have added your desired devices to your Apple HomeKit App, you can start setting up your automations. To create your first automation, you can follow the roadmap below.

Apple HomeKit automations

Roadmap Apple HomeKit automations

Follow the steps underneath to create your first automation:

  1. Click the '+' button at the right top of your screen. A menu wil pop out.

  2. Click on 'add automation'.

  3. Choose a moment when you to let your automation occur. This could be when someone comes home or opens the door. It's also possible to connect the automation to a happening such as a sunset or sunrise, or you just decide to choose your own specific time for the automation.

  4. Select the devices you want to add to your automation.

  5. Select which action or movement you want your devices to make.

  6. Give the automation a nickname.

  7. Save your automation.

  8. Congratulations! You just finished installing your first own Apple HomeKit automation

Automation of your home

Now you know how to install your automations and scenes in Apple HomeKit, you can go a bit further in the possibilities of Apple HomeKit automations. There are a few benefits attached to a good smart home with much automations. Did you know that you can save a lot of energy while by the use of a smart home? See how you can start saving energy and money with the use of smart home devices and automations!

Apple HomeKit in your home
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